5 Best Ab Workouts for Men to Build Six Pack

An excellent figure is found to be very appealing which is the basis of this article. Having a six pack usually proves that an individual is particularly healthy. Therefore, such a structure is usually envied due to the appearance that is developed through hard work and dedication. Such presentation of character is fueling to one’s confidence level and self-esteem, and as a major advantage, it provides increased body performance.


In order to achieve well-defined abdominal muscles, superior training and workout techniques will be the only obstacle along with the right nutrients, hence, a modified diet will also be required.





5 Best Ab Workouts for Men to Build Six Pack


For the best results, individuals must be dedicated and persistent of their goals. Exercise is also beneficial to the mind as well as the physical body. These work outs not only focus on any one area of the body and as such, most of the body is stimulated. Additionally, to gain well-defined abdominal muscles (your core), they must be strengthened. Exercises focusing on the abs improves one’s endurance, strength and one’s posture.


Best diet Plan You Need for Proper Workout

  •   Fresh vegetables as well as greens should be incorporated in the diet as well.
  •   It is ideal to get a little hungry by pacing the portions and time intervalsbetween meals.
  •   Oils are very important when exercising but more specifically, olive oil,Avocado oil and fish oils.
  •   Continuous hydration is also vital whenever you are exercising.
  •   Protein is vital in muscle growth and as such lean meat must be incorporated inyour diet.
  •   The intake of adequate slow carbs is recommended with the exclusion of allwhite carbs.
  •   Such quality carbs can be found in oats and most whole-wheat products as wellas rice.

    Having a great diet plays a vital role in exercising but what is more important is the physical aspect. Vigorous training will properly stimulate most of the muscles and help speed up your acquisition of well-defined abdominal muscles.


Plank – Both normal and side styles plank


Plank exercises can be considered as the best work out techniques to reproduce ripped abs. Plank is primarily a core enhancement tool. This exercise technique ensures that the right measure of load for burning calories is reaching the abdominal region, providing an entirely shredded effect.


How to do a Basic Plank

  •   First, take a surging stance with both elbows in contact with the ground surface instead of palms.
  •   Strive to align your back with your legs while holding your pelvis and your abdomen firmly in place. Ensure that only toes and forearms comes into contact with the ground.
  •   Remain in this stance until exhaustion and attempt to increase the duration in this position, to provide better results.Side Plank

    This technique is similar to a normal plank but the major difference is that it gives more attention to the sides. Attempt to lift your body with both legs overlapping. This might prove to be more of a challenge, but results prove to be better by increasing the difficulty.

    There are a wide variations of the plank exercise technique but these two variations are preferable for effective abdominal workouts.

    These are two of the many plank workouts that you must set as your main priority.


Crunches – Includes bicycles crunches, normal crunches, and reverse crunches


Apart from planks crunches are possibly the most well-known exercise which is used to burn calories. Major forms of crunch exercises such as normal, bicycle, and reverse are commonly employed.


How to follow this Crunch program?

  1. Be certain to lay facing upwards on a suitable surface.
  2. Keep your hands on the back of your head while bending your knees.
  3. Forcefully lift your torso.
  4. Gradually revert to the initial disposition and repeat the process.
  5. Care should be taken during crunches, simply return to the initial positionand repeat in a similar fashion.

    Bicycle Crunch


Lay facing upwards with legs raised perpendicular to your torso, then attempt to perform a pedaling motion with your legs. Bicycle crunches indeed are a tremendous exercise techniques necessary for the ultimate ab stimulation.


Reverse Crunch


Make an effort to position horizontally, while holding your hands about your neck or head. Then advance your shoulders upwards while pressing your knees inwards to your upper torso. Continue this motion of your knees moving in and outwards while your feet are elevated, and consider repeating this process.


Ab Wheel Roll Out


In this exercise technique an ab wheel is employed as the name suggests, it is used to concentrate pressure abdominal muscles, predominantly.


How to follow this program?


1. Put your knees are on the workout carpet.
2. Keep your knees in a stationary position and brace your body outwards. 3. Then continuously role back inwards and then outwards.
4. Latch your knees in the identical position.


Leg raises and V-Ups


In abdominal workouts, leg raises are commonly used. For leg raises, all that is required is to simply lay flat and lift your legs exceeding 90 degrees. This essentially develop your quadriceps femoris and revitalizes abdominal muscles.


How to follow this program?

  1. Lay flat on a comfortable surface and ensure your hands are at the back of your waist or beneath your thighs.
  2. Vertically elevate your legs.
  3. Gradually lower your legs, then elevate them again.
  4. Repeat intermittently.How to follow the V-Ups program?
  1. Lay flat on the rug.
  2. Elevate both legs in a similar course.
  3. Form a V with your legs.
  4. Then lower them to the floor, while keeping your stance.
  5. Make certain to carefully carry out this exercise to avoid any injuries and toincrease stimulation of all the abdominal muscles.


Mountain Climbers


Mountain climbers is essentially a combination technique that involves some amount of cardio, which focuses on the burning of fat and muscle development, suitable for individuals who want to lose the extra weight.


How to follow this program?

1. Subject your body in a push-up disposition.
2. Align your body and arms.
3. Do not alter your position while bringing your knee inwards to your chest. 4. Then gradually transition to your initial stance.
5. Repeat for next leg.
6. Increase gradual speed in a climbing motion.


Be sure to follow the instructions correctly to effectively obtain maximum stimulation of muscles while preventing muscle injuries.