Best PowerBlock Dumbbells for Sale: The All-time Favorites



I’m not really a fan of the gym. I like to perform all my exercises at the comfort of my home – zero distractions. In setting up my home gym, I had to ensure that all the necessary tools and accessories were purchased.


Essentials such as a sit-up bench among other items are all very important. However, I could not overlook the PowerBlock dumbbells! I’d definitely be missing out on the performance, efficiency, and power that it has to offer!


PowerBlock is one of the leading manufacturers of dumbbells, but there’s something special about their products. (I have a hard time figuring out exactly what it is). The best PowerBlock dumbbells typical offer more freedom and convenience, and help you rack up those muscles!


Let’s take a more detailed look on the best PowerBlock dumbbells. I hope that we can find that “special touch” I mentioned above. Fingers crossed!


PowerBlock Dumbbells – A Little about Them


Persons who are fascinated by multiple colors would definitely fall in love with the PowerBlock dumbbells at first sight! Their design is usually sharp with multiple colors exposing themselves beautifully. It can be compared to something that you’d find in elementary schools.


Nevertheless, this amazing fitness equipment is more appropriate for use in the gym. They come in a wide array of sizes with increments that can be easily adjusted.


They often say that you have to pay more for performance, but the PowerBlock dumbbells are no exceptions. Typically, they are more on the expensive side, but they never fail to deliver the incomparable convenience and durability that other manufacturers try so hard to replicate.


Below, I’ll look at some of the best PowerBlock dumbbells for sale. Trust me, you’re in for something special!


Best PowerBlock Dumbbells for Sale: Our Top Picks


*This list is arranged by weight


PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4 Adjustable 3 to 24-Pounds per Dumbbell Set


Best Adjustable Powerblock Dumbbells


If you’re in search of lightweight dumbbells, you may want to consider purchasing the SportBlock, which offers a weight range of 3 to 24 pounds.
PowerBlock offers a 10-year guarantee which shows us, once more, the level of care that they exhibit toward the satisfaction of their customers. If you’re satisfied with 24 pounds, these dumbbells offer durability and convenience to the highest degree; features that you cannot guarantee to get in other sets.


You can seamlessly and quickly adjust the weight to your own specifications by using the selector pin system.




There are many benefits to be had with these dumbbells.


  • You can use them to carry out a wide variety of different exercises.
  • These are affordable.
  • You can adjust the weight in increments of 3 pounds to achieve the weight that you desire.
  • By using the selector pin system, you can quickly adjust the weight to your requirements




  • Awkward to use for some persons.
  • Not enough weight for hardcore bodybuilders. (Only comes with 24 pounds)


PowerBlock Classic 70 Dumbbell Set


Best Adjustable Power Block Dumbbells


If you want to upgrade from 24 pounds to 70 pounds, you can do with the PowerBlock Classic 70 Dumbbell Set. It offers a weight of 70 pounds; a weight that other dumbbells usually lack. Simultaneously, there exists a number of things that you’ll like about the weights. For example, the handles have enough grip to prevent the dumbbells from falling from your hands and onto your toes.


At first, the design may be a bit awkward, but it provides more flexibility. Because of the square design, you can easily grip the dumbbell with both hands.




  • From my experience with these PowerBlock dumbbells, they offer immensely beneficial weight options ranging from 5 to 70 pounds. All in all, everyone can see their requirements met.
  • This dumbbell set is convenient since it can carry out the tasks of 24 separate dumbbells.
  • These dumbbells come with a 10-year warranty in case any problem should arise in that 10-year span.
  • Easy storage since the weights have dimensions of 14 x 6 x 6.




  • –  There’s a bit of awkwardness in the weight’s design. Subsequently, you’ll need to get used to them to use them effectively.
  • –  The two plastic clips that the weights are held in are not durable since they are made from plastic.


PowerBlock Elite 90-lb. Dumbbell Set


Best Adjustable Power Block Dumbbells


Offering a weight of up to 90 pounds, the Elite 90-pound is perfect for persons who want to perform more demanding workouts.


The size of these dumbbells is very impressive! They take on a compact design once they’re set up. The overall quality is excellent. I like how the handles feel, trust me. They feel premium, unlike some of the cheaper models. These dumbbells are very easy to use. You won’t think twice about buying.




  • Easy to use
  • Excellent build quality
  • Great price when compared to similar sets
  • Not too hefty




  • The stand is too short for persons having a weight of over 6 feet.




Undoubtedly, PowerBlock stands as one of the best manufacturers of adjustable dumbbells. In fact, most persons have praised the PowerBlock Dumbbells for being the best on the market.


If you’re looking for an affordable, durability, and easy-to-use set of dumbbells, the PowerBlock dumbbells are you best option. These superb fitness tools will definitely realize your fitness dreams and ultimately live a better and happier life.