Stamina Versa-Bell II Dumbbell Review

In recent times, I have obtained an arrange of adjustable dumbbells for shoulder, thorax and arm workouts. I also engage in full body muscle-buidlig. The stamina Versa-Bell II Dumbbell – 10-25 pounds was the one I bought, after doing some web researching. My aim was to find a pair that was enough to help me achieve my fitness goals. I take great pleasure in immense fitness exercises, and aim to perform cardio-exercises whenever the chance presents itself.




Until now, I’ve been astonished about this workout equipment. Further on, there will be feedback given, with regards to the Stamina Versa-Bell II Dumbbell – 10- 25 lbs. Besides, when compared to others, they’re quite inexpensive.


The Design and Tray


There’s not much artistic taste to speak about when it comes to these dumbbells. In addition, they tend to take on a rather underlying design. Well, there was really nothing to be impressed about when I first saw these dumbbells. Not saying that they are trendsetting, but they are certainly not extravagant. What must be said is that they can be fully seated in the tray.


The stand (optional) was quite irrelevant, in my view. Well, under my circumstances. However, they’d operate flawlessly even if I put them on bench. In order to avoid damage to the back, I suggest that the dumbbells be kept away from the floor.


Adjusting the Weight


Some persons tend to waste a lot of time when it comes to making weight adjustments on a dumbbell set. There’s really much importance in obtaining a dumbbell set that comes with an adjustment system that can be fully beneficial to you. However, there is a dial mechanism that comes with the Stamina Versa-Bell II Dumbbell and allows you to modify the weights to your liking. This is achieved by rotating the dial, while the dumbbells are seated in the tray. In addition, weight adjustments can be accomplished by turning the knob in either direction. Afterwards, workouts can commence by elevating the dumbbells.


Potential Weights


The extent to which weights can be adjusted is of great importance. Even more significant when compared to the adjustment system. You may end up not getting the most out of your workouts or seeing your need met, if you obtain an inappropriate set. Due to the fact that the Stamina Versa-Bell II Dumbbell has a 10- to-50-pound modification system, there shouldn’t be an issue. There can be increments or decrements of 5 pounds because the dumbbell has a 10-pound handle, stocked with 8 chrome slabs, weighing 5 pounds apiece.


Achieving decrements of less than 10 pounds raises an issue for some persons. However, this has never been the case for me.


Additional Thoughts


Using these dumbbells has been a great experience for me. However, the 90-day guarantee that comes with it caused me to raise an eyebrow. Not in a good way though. Also, these dumbbells can cause serious injuries if the plates unfasten and fall off the bar. Even with these disadvantages, I have had a great experience with them. They’ve been amazing in assisting in my workouts. I have now started to achieve great outcomes from my fitness exercises.