Weider Speed Weight Adjustable Dumbbells – 2.5-12.5 lbs Review

Have you ever wanted to work out in the comfort of your own home instead of making trips back and forth from the gym?


If so, and you are seeking to tone and increase your body strength, it is highly recommended that you purchase a set of dumbbells. Your dumbbell-set selection should be based on a few factors, such as your built and your needs in particular. There exists a wide range of advantages and a few disadvantages of the v, which will be further discussed in this informative article.




About the Manufacturer


ICON seeks to produce products that are affordable while maintaining efficient quality control of all their products. These prices are very competitive along with other products of different brands.


The leading edge of innovation in body building products, ICON Health & Fitness, is the manufacturer responsible for the production of the Weider Speed Weight Adjustable Dumbbells 2.5-12.5 lbs. The quality makers entered the product market from as early as the late 1900’s and since has then have become competitive giants in the world of body building.

Easy Change Out


In order to change between weights for the adjustable typed dumbbell a lever attachment is used to allow the transition between the desired poundage by simply thrusting the knob towards the required weight marker. This process is very simple and reliable as the material that is utilized in the product making is of a sturdy nature.


This piece of component, the adjustable lever, from its durable characteristics performs optimally as it is made with the consideration of continuous repetitive usage. Modification of the dumbbell can be done whether the dumbbell is seated in its tray or not, but it is recommended to adjust while it is properly seated in the tray for safety purposes.


Etched Steel


The ergonomics of the dumbbell is one that is deeply focused on in the design stage before actual production. The handles are similar to the classic dumbbells but it is however grooved for increase traction between the palms of the hands and the dumbbell for better and safer grip especially for sweaty hands.


Emphasis is so placed on the design stage, especially ergonomics due to the many accidents that have occurred over the years of athletes suffering tremendous injuries from the slippage of gym equipment. It is crucial to maintain control over dumbbells at all times even if it only weighs 25 pounds going back to the popular saying: prevention is always better than cure.


Neat & Orderly


The accompanied tray that comes with the dumbbell set is essential in the storage of the dumbbells to prevent injuries from collisions, trips and falls. When dumbbells are not in use they can be stored neatly and may even be hidden. This results in a neat and safer exercising area.


This is a major aspect for homeowners and this can help to prevent injuries for everyone that is in and around the household environment. This adjustable type dumbbell is all that is required to improve your triceps and biceps.


Solid Construction


The material of choice for these adjustable dumbbells are chrome plated steel which is so incorporated for its durability characteristics. Due to the material’s nature the dumbbell is not susceptible to damages from a fall, and as such the plates and handle will all be unaffected. It is also important to note that due to the chrome plated surface, corrosion will not eat away at the steel material.


Tight Fit


For the adjustable dumbbell the weight plates fits closely together to avoid any noise production from the dumbbell set. The intent is to decrease the space between the weight plates as much as possible by sliding each plate in a stacking manner. The overall aim is to produce a noise free environment while working out.




The best way to go for great workout sessions especially in terms of your biceps and triceps is the use of the Weider Speed Weight Adjustable Dumbbells. They are great when we talk about durability and convenience and they are particularly easy to use. These gym equipment products are of a very high quality when compared with other dumbbell sets. The chrome plated steel delivers great aesthetics as well as its corrosion resistance properties.


The tray on the other hand is a plastic based material which may not be as durable as the dumbbells themselves, and as such, it is recommended to handle them with some degree of care with the withdrawal and the replacement of the dumbbells.


If you are looking to strengthen muscles especially those biceps and triceps, I am glad to recommend the Weider speed weight adjustable dumbbells as they are highly durable and more importantly they are affordable.