Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbell 120 lb Add on Kit



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9.8 /10

Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell 120 lb. Add on Kit Review


For persons who are dedicated to strength-enhancement workout, I totally advocate for this product. Its dependability, sturdiness and simplicity in usage add to it being such an exceedingly commendable product.

Except for individuals who are determined mentally and whole-heartedly to be successful in fitness-health development, performing a muscle-building workout procedure on a day-to-day basis is a very difficult task. Learning to endure the agony and sustaining long-standing perseverance are two of the most dominant success variables in physical and mental development. In order for your workouts to be fruitful, you must first learn to adjust to these guidelines.


As an expert at weightlifting, I’ve always been present at bodybuilding tournaments. Along with myself, it has been a life-changer for many persons. Besides, it was always being seated in my thoughts.


Because of the issue of space restriction, back in the day, it was quite burdensome to count a premium workout equipment among one’s possessions, at home. However, in modern times, there’s much collaboration with technology to meet, practically all of our needs. An instance of this is the unchallenging storage and robustness of the present-day Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbell 120lb Add-on Kit. Its powerfully-built design advocates for repetitive operation.


The main features of this set of dumbbells are as follows:


  •  To reinforce the workout tools in your possession, these are additional
  • Hardware that can be used.  Has steel handles, but dumbbell is chrome-plated in its entirety.
  •  Availability of 4 plates, with each possessing weights of about 22.5 pounds.
  •  Plates can be attached or detached via locking screws, by a mere, partial swivel. This attribute is vital to the dumbbell set.
  • If you already have a dumbbell set, using this add-on, you can attach a sum of approximately 90 pounds in weight to the dumbbells altogether; with each dumbbell having 45 pounds.


How can Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell 120 lb. Add on Kit be used?


  •   Extension of weight from 75 pounds to 120 pounds can be achieved via thelocking screws.
  •   Because of its robustness, it can remain in great condition andoperation even if it is allowed to fall following your workout exercise.
  •   Following the attachment of the primary plate to the handle, attach the allotted plates.

What works for this product?


  •   Problems that customers may have are handled by an outstandingcustomer service team.
  •   There has been no proven concern to this date, with regards toquality. Quality is a vital element in this situation.
  •   Exchange of damaged commodities and sidestep of those which
  •   Due to its space-saving feature and reasonable price, muscle-buildersand trainers deem it as being one of the contenders for the leading strength-enhancing tool.
  •   Ironmaster’s capacity to manufacture and deliver well-built products to itscustomers makes it a box-office success. Besides, Ironmaster is renownedand endorsed by many persons for its strength-enhancing equipment andother various equipment used it the gym.


What does not work for this product?


 Even though it is not deemed as an issue of great paramount by many, idealists raise questions about the product’s chipping paint issue. It is a really a surprise that there is actually a small amount of disquietude about the product.