PowerBlock Elite 90 Dumbbell Set



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9.8 /10

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells (90lb) 2016 Review

As a starter in the whole body building world, in the quest to find that perfect set of dumbbells to suit my needs, I figured that I should narrow my search to a set of dumbbells that would be easy to use and affordable and durable.


I am one that is inclined to the latest in technology and innovations, so in my pursuit, I wanted a dumbbell set that would be very impressive to my fellow gym mates. I finally found what I was looking for when I checked out what PowerBlock had to offer. My selection was made then and there because the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells fulfilled all my needs.


PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells 2016 Review


When considering a product line, it is only natural to expect some degree of pros and cons as they come. Following, you will later learn of the many advantages and disadvantages offered by the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells, as they are taken into consideration, with an attached personal review of the product.


Weight Flexibility


Without an adjustable typed dumbbell, it can prove to be very challenging in the decision making as to which dumbbell one should purchase. Some manufacturers are limited as to the maximum weight they produce but PowerBlock’s Elite


Dumbbells offers a wide selection ranging from 50 pounds all the way up to 90 pounds.


There is a high degree of flexibility that PowerBlock offers to its customers and certainly a desired poundage is almost always present within the product line that will suit customers in their workout sessions.


As it relates to the customers, the price can be considered as being expensive depending on their financial circumstances. It should however be noted that one of the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbell set can be considered as a replacement of 16 older traditional typed dumbbells. As an added bonus, deals can be placed on these dumbbells at varying time periods throughout the year for customers to save while purchasing this product from PowerBlock.


Eye Appealing


If the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbell impressed me I know it will impress my gym partners. These dumbbells are great on aesthetics when you take a look on its modern exterior design and its color coded weight chart, which instantly grabs your attention with the slightest glimpse. The shape is cube-like which is very unique when compared to other products of different brands.


The PowerBlock Elite Dumbbell is essential when there is a need for quality, performance and results to produce a great workout. Your friends will be envious, I always suggest customers to spend that extra buck and to know that it was a smart move, for now and the future.


Weight Plate Placement


The dynamics and mechanism of this type of dumbbell is one that utilizes plates that will be set on the inner structure of the dumbbell. In doing so, it proves to be lacking in airtightness and as a result, produces distinctive noisy sounds. This is one of the major drawbacks of the dumbbells which can be tempered by listening to your favorite tracks while working out. For product transparency as well as ethics it is our duty to provide all the information to our prospective customers for which they should use to come to a decision, whether to purchase or not.


Firm Grip Handle


It is essential to know the different parts of the dumbbell and its functions. When focusing on the handle of the dumbbell, one may question its apparent location. The handle is located in the center of the dumbbell. The location can be advantageous for some users and can be a disadvantage for others that may have a shorter reach.


The well-built handle was designed to provide a sufficient grip, to reduce slippage of the equipment from the palms due to the added moisture from perspiration. This is very important to prevent injuries that are usually associated with the falling of gym equipment.


Magnetic Pins


Unlike the adjustable typed dumbbells that carry an attached lever component intended for weight selection, PowerBlock utilizes a magnetic pin attachment which is solely used for its weight selection. The direct functionality of the pin is its correct placement between the slots of the weight plates. As it pertains to correct calibration and adjustment, it is recommended to perform at eye level to prevent the weight from loosening and causing injuries to its users. To mitigate all the possibilities of injuriees a stand can be so used. This will provide ease in the adjustment process while increasing efficiency in the calibration.



As mentioned before, the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells are produced with dumbbells ranging from 50 to 90 pounds. It is also important to note that selection maybe based on the initial strength level of the user and can help to predict which product will be selected to aid in the achievement of your goals.


The purchasing of this dumbbell set can be considered as a lifetime investment as these dumbbells prove to be very durable. I honestly would recommend this product to anyone seeking to enter the world of body building and fitness. This is so as they offer significant results, as they strengthen muscles over a short period of time. For better Biceps and triceps choose PowerBlock’s Elite Dumbbells!