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PowerBlock Sport Bench 2016 Review

Many of the newer fitness programs today recommend interested individuals to build their own “home gym”. This is quite advantageous for almost all individuals. Firstly, all recurring membership fees will be eliminated and one can essentially enjoy exercising in the comfort of their own homes.


Subsequently, significant amounts of money would be saved as well as the time to travel from your home to a gym, assuming that the gym facility is not nearby.


More importantly, a home gym is very convenient as all the required workout equipment are present in your own space which effectively combats procrastination in whether or not you can make it to the gym today.


For your home gym whether it is in full supply of all the required equipment or not, it is recommended to have a workout bench, and who else to turn to for such an equipment than the popular gym equipment makers PowerBlock.


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This workbench is known for its many workout variations which is the reason for making it a worthwhile purchase. Many individuals tend to doubt the effectiveness and functionality of many gym equipment and you may ponder on the effectiveness and functionality of the PowerBlock Sport Bench in the back of your mind.


Below you can find an objective examination of the pros and cons associated with the PowerBlock Sport Bench along with a conclusion of this spectacular gym equipment.


Tough but Comfortable, Sturdy but Portable 


PowerBlock’s Sport Bench is manufactured with the use of 14- gauge tubing 2” x 3” making a very sound and sturdy work bench. The workbench is also rendered with tapered upholstering cushions for the seating area and the backrest respectively, this provides its users with a high degree of comfort whenever it is in use.


The dimensions of the workbench are as follow: 50” by 21” by 16” in a flat position which is weighted at 57 pounds with the added support of wheels which are attached to the rear of the workbench with the addition of a handle. These features maintain PowerBlock’s Sport Bench superiority over its competitors as it relates to weight especially, but its strong point is its low-profile height.


This essentially ensures that the user’s legs are firmly planted on the surface of the floor while they exercise. It is also important to note that having these dimensions, wheels and an appreciable weight, it is particularly an easy task to move the workbench around without the need of lifting it entirely from the ground surface.


The Good Stuff about PowerBlock Sport Bench 2016 Review 


It should be noted that the PowerBlock Sport Bench is rendered with 5 adjustable angular positions: 0,30, 45, 60 with a maximum of 85 degrees. For further comfort, the seat can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Another feature of this workbench is the small distance from the seat to the backrest. This improves the degree of comfort while exercising with this workbench, making the PowerBlock workbench one of the most comfortable when compared to its product competitors.


Furthermore, as an important point to note, the workbench is packaged partly pre-assembled enabling the user to fully assemble the workbench with great ease. This is important as many other workbenches from other manufacturers tends to require its user to use up considerable amounts of time just to assemble the workbenches properly.


It is a year and a half now since I have the PowerBlock Sport Bench and I must say that it is in good shape and might look brand new to some people. In fact, I use this workbench regularly for the entire duration which suggests that it is very durable for its purpose.


The Bad Stuff 


While many manufacturers strive to create perfection nothing is always perfect, the PowerBlock Sport Bench is no exception. It is important to note that this workbench lacks decline positions and as a result ab crunches and decline presses are not applicable.


As another drawback, if the backrest is adjusted to the maximum 85 degrees, the seat is unable to be adjusted in an upright position. It is also important to note that the workbench is required to be in a declined position though many users prefer this sort of orientation.


The above-mentioned reasons are highly opinionated from my experience with the PowerBlock Sport Bench and other users may find it to be the total opposite as many workbenches are oriented in a similar manner to carry out its functions.


The Verdict 


I highly recommend the PowerBlock Sport Bench to anyone seeking to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It must be emphasized that this product is from the trusted and popular gym equipment makers, PowerBlock, the creators of gym products of the highest order.


I must say that I am a user of their dumbbells for some time now and I am amazed at the quality product they have been producing over the years.


Essentially the major reason as to my recommendations for one to purchase this item is the product affordability and the value for your money. This workbench has it all, it is reliable, portable, flexible and durable. In light of this, you will be guaranteed a high-quality workbench, capable of accommodating your busy exercise regimen for years to come.


This workbench comes in at an affordable price of $200 as oppose to its “high-end” counterparts reaching up to $700, I must say the PowerBlock Sport Bench is quite a steal.