XMark Adjustable Dumbbell



Overal Rating

7.6 /10

Xmark 25 Pound Adjustable Dumbbells 2016 Review

For persons who possess any knowledge of fitness equipment, the XMark Fitness should not be a stranger to your ears. In fact, the Xmark 25 Pound Adjustable Dumbbell is just one of the several models that are available. This model is favored by most persons who wish to have an adequate fitness equipment.


Whether for gym or at-home workouts, it is of great importance that this workout equipment is made by an establishment where there’s much prestige. Further on, there’ll be several detailed feedbacks regarding these dumbbells.


Basics and Design


XMark has certainly raised the standard of quality, with regards to the composition of these dumbbells. Furthermore, the chrome-plated steel employed in their production brings about indefinite resilience. There are also trays to keep dumbbells safe and stationary, when not in use. As soon as you take the time to examine this creation, all feelings of uncertainty about whether they will stand in accordance with the embellishment of your household or the gym, will vanish.


Slide Adjustment System


With this arrangement, weight modification becomes a simple task. Modifications can be made by gliding the knob, after the dumbbells are seated in the tray.


After choosing the weight that suits you best, there will be no unnecessary weights remaining. In addition, the machine maintains great functionality when used recurrently.


The adjustment system must be suitable, for the sake of showcasing the usefulness of the weight modification section. However, you may want to employ classic dumbbells, if there occur weight adjustment failures by the system.


The Weights and Increments


Making 5-pound adjustments to the dumbbells is a fairly simple task. Even though some persons may desire to have more substantial weights, there is a 5-pound bottom-level limit. However, for a sound fitness exercise, 25 pounds is adequate for the majority of persons.


There’s a peak capacity of 50 pounds that these dumbbells can accommodate. Persons who cannot perform well with this capacity can decrement the load to small value, via the slide system. To do this, the dumbbells are seated in the tray.


Potential Uses


These dumbbells are the perfect fit for persons who wish to perform upper body workouts. While being easy to manipulate, their composition extents their usage capacity. Moreover, there are individually 30+ fitness workouts that can be performed on this set, according to the producer.


Even though the handle provides a forceful grip, using gloves can avert the weight from falling.


Warranty and Conclusion


The XMark 25-pound adjustable dumbbells are the perfect fit for those who are searching for a lightweight dumbbell set. Even though the maximum weight that can be achieved is 50 pounds, adjustments applicable to alternate workouts.


Being one of the most cost-effective dumbbells available, they need not be inferior. For the cost, and 12-month guarantee that comes with it, you can be assured of great long lastingness.